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Help Fund Alex's Life Changing Surgery!!


Hi guys okay so my friend really needs this surgery and it would mean a lot if you would donate anything because it would mean so much to him or even reblog this to share it to your followers that would be really sweet. I’ll love you forever okay thanks <3

okay yeah basically the same thing, if you could donate that would be fantastic and I’d give you eternal love.

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Oh my god, thank you. I needed that hug, damn it. I think we all did.

I watched the doctor who christmas episode and the new sherlock back to back.

much cry

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Welcome to my January BOTM

The Rules:

  • Mbf Me
  • Reblogs Only until December 31st
  • Likes do not count
  • Must reach 50 notes
  • Winner will be chosen on January 1st
  • No polls

What I’m looking for:

  • Clean organised theme
  • Tagged posts
  • Generally a nice blogger

Winner will receive:

  • A follow back
  • A link on my sidebar
  • Promo’s throughout the month whenever they want
  • My eternal love and friendship

Good Luck!!!

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With the seasons changing and the holidays drawing near, we decided to do a tumblr awards to celebrate. So, grab your cocoa, cuddle under your coziest blankets, and prepare for the festivities to begin!

  • Must be following both Maddi and Arynn
  • Reblog to enter, likes do not count (but they won’t disqualify you)
  • Ends January 5th, 2014
  • Must reach 75 reblogs (or we’ll pretend this never happened)
  • One winner and two runner-ups for each category
  • One runner-up will be added for every 25 reblogs after 75
  • Awards will be announced as soon as possible
  • Best Supernatural
  • Best Doctor Who
  • Best Sherlock
  • Best Multi-fandom
  • Best Url
  • Best Theme
  • Best Edits
  • Nicest Blogger
  • Maddi’s Favourite
  • Arynn’s Favourite
  • Winners and runner-ups receive a graphic announcing their victory
  • Winners receive promos upon request throughout the month of January
  • Winners and runner-ups receive random promos throughout the month of January and inclusion in any promos we do throughout the month as well
  • Winners and runner-ups will receive a follow from both of us (if not already following), along with our friendship



Must be following Moose and Jade (don’t try to get around this you sneaky sons of bitches, we’ll be checking)

Reblogs only (you can like to bookmark, but only reblogs count as entry)

Must reach at least 100 notes

Fandom blogs only (should have Supernatural or Doctor Who as one of your main fandoms)

One winner and one runner-up for each category

Reblog until December 25th


Best Supernatural

Best Doctor Who

Best multifandom

Best URL

Best theme

Best icon

Best updates tab

Best posts

Best originals (edits, writing, etc.)

Nicest blogger

Best overall

Moose’s favourite

Jade’s favourite


+follow backs from both of us (if not already)

Unlimited promos on demand (within reason)

A link on both of our blogs for a whole month

Our eternal love and affection


+follow back from both of us (if not already)

Two group promos from each of us

A link on both of our blogs for a whole month

Our eternal love and affection (optional)

Winners will be announced on New Year’s Eve (Dec 31, 2013).

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It’s fucking true if you youtube search “Doge meme” all the text goes to comic sans and some of it is different colours.